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Small businesses struggle with growing their companies and diversifying their revenues. This limits their ability to hire employees and sustain the company long term.

Small businesses are unaware of the opportunities that government and major corporations offer to hire them in construction, construction-related services, professional or other supportive services.

The few that have heard about doing business with government and major corporations have no clue how to go about gaining access to these opportunities.

Our Story Starts Here

CBJ Women in Business Award winner, Lain Consulting, LLC

As a small business owner, I learned about government certifications and government contracts through a local small business resource. With their support, I applied for the certification to become a certified minority-owned business with local government.

Once certified, I was notified of an opportunity that was aligned with the primary services that my company offered. I partnered with another small business owner to pursue the contract. We landed the contract 90 days after receiving certification.

What sets us apart?

I understand how difficult it can be when you are a solopreneur or small company with limited resources and employees.

By getting certified and landing premium contracts, I have been able to hire employees and affiliate partners to carry out projects for local and state government while increasing my company sales and revenue.

Premium contracts through government and major corporations gives you the opportunity to go from just “surviving to thriving.” Some contracts are long term which allows a company to breathe and have an anchor without feeling like you are constantly on a gerbil wheel trying to pump hundreds of clients into your sales funnel.

You can go from having 5000 individual clients to 5 premium clients while maintaining or increasing the bottom line of the company. My company is qualified to provide this service and more because we are doing what we are sharing with you.

Small Business

  • Startup Assistance
  • Diversity Certification
  • Supplier Growth Planning
  • Consultancy & Coaching


  • M/W/S/DBE Supportive Services
  • Qualitative Research for Disparity Studies
  • Public Outreach & Engagement
  • Training & Education

workshops & courses

  • Online Courses
  • Training Events
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Facilitator, Panelist, & Moderator


Lain Consulting’s grant management expertise and attention to detail aided CATS in meeting our goal to increase personal mobility and travel options for those with special transportation needs and to enhance their access to transit service through coordination of existing and future services.

Zettie Phillips

Accessibility Coordinator, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)

LaPronda Spann is extraordinary in her ability to connect, engage, and educate. Her expertise is in helping businesses navigate government certifications and the contracting process. Lain Consulting is committed to being a trusted partner in driving small and minority business success in our community!


Renee Hode

Director, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

About Lapronda


As the owner, LaPronda Spann leverages over 21 years of local, state, and federal grants and contracting experience and has led the firm in the successful procurement of $1.8 million in grants and contracts for the company and its clients.

Ms. Spann currently serves as the moderator of Mecklenburg County Commissioner Vilma D. Leake’s Small Business Consortium. LaPronda has also served as a moderator for the session, “Doing Business with the City of Charlotte” at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference in June 2018.

Lapronda Spann, Owner, Lain Consulting, LLC

Your success is our success.

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