Government & Corporate Services

Lain Consulting provides products and services for local and state government agencies, municipalities, towns, commercial businesses, community colleges and financial institutions.

Lain Consulting currently serves as a

Prime Consultant, Sub-consultant, Teaming Partner, and Joint Venture partner

for government and corporate contracts. 

Our Services Include:

Public Outreach and Engagement

Qualitative Market Research and Analysis for Disparity Studies

M/W/S/DBE Business Assessment and Plan Development

M/W/S/DBE Certification Assistance and Support Services

Small Business Workshops, Seminars, Live and Online Courses and Trainings

Live and virtual one-on-one and group business counseling services for small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses

Third-Party Grants Management and Project Coordination

Our services will provide a variety of benefits and outcomes for supplier diversity and diversity and inclusion programs

  • Increase awareness of M/W/S/DBE, Supplier Diversity and Strategic Sourcing programs within departments, among small businesses and the general public
  • Assess gaps and shortages in specialties, services and trades among certified small, diverse businesses
  • Lobby for changes to state policies, statutes and laws
  • Increase spending by government and major corporations with certified small, diverse businesses
  • Increase the pool of certified small, diverse businesses that are identified, qualified and capable of contracting with the agency
  • Increase versatility and variety in awarding contracts to certified small, diverse businesses
  • Add more resources to support programs and build the capacity of certified small, diverse businesses
  • Encourage changes to internal policies
  • Employ technical assistance, support, and resources to build capacity among M/W/S/DBE businesses


Lain Consulting’s grant management expertise and attention to detail aided CATS in meeting our goal to increase personal mobility and travel options for those with special transportation needs and to enhance their access to transit service through coordination of existing and future services.

Zettie Phillips

Accessibility Coordinator, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)

Your company or organization can

choose from one of our current and more popular topics:

Package 1

Program Assessments and Supplier Support (PASS)

  • Existing Program Assessments
  • Existing M/W/S/DBE Assessments
  • M/W/S/DBE Program Development Support
  • M/W/S/DBE Qualification
  • M/W/S/DBE Certification 
  • M/W/S/DBE Development

Package 2

Research, Engagement, and Development (READ)

  • Research
  • Data Collection
  • Information Packaging
  • Reporting
  • Existing Program Assessments
  • Existing M/W/S/DBE Assessments
  • M/W/S/DBE Program Development
  • M/W/S/DBE Qualification
  • M/W/S/DBE Certification

Project Pricing

Cost of services are project based and customized to the scope of work and deliverables for each project.