Small Business Support Program

From: $1,250.00 / month for 12 months

Small Business Development Services and Technical Support Program is for small business owners that:

  • Desires the minority-owned, woman-owned or small business certification
  • Revenues of $250,000+
  • Desires to diversify revenue with local and state government and corporate contracts
  • At a place of growth and expansion (i.e. late start-up, growth or maintenance phase of the business)
  • Has a proven track record of current and past projects in their industry
  • Is 51% managed by a minority, woman or meets standards of small business

3, 6, and 12 Month Packages available!


The Small Business Development Services and Technical Support Program helps small businesses with:
1. Building key relationships with potential government and corporate clients
2. Researching and identifying business and contractual opportunities with government and major corporations
3. Planning approaches and pitches to government and corporate decision-makers to convert them into clients for lucrative contracts and long-term relationships
4. Ultimately positioning the company to achieve financial growth through government and corporate contracts


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